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WinPow sales team return from HK Fair with tremendous success

We received 80 business cards in total at the HK Fair, nearly half already in touch and a few in deep conversation.
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HK Consumer Electronics Fair 2018 To Take Place On Oct. 11

Organized and hosted by Global Sources, Hong Kong Consumer Electronics Fair 2018 is about to open on October 11 in AsiaWorld Expo. The consumer electronics phase of this fair will last four days. Global Sources Electronics is the world's largest tr…
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Is it a good idea to refrigerate a battery?

There is a saying going around on the Internet: a battery can restore its power after stored in the fridge.Is it true or just a claptrap? Regardless of what chemistry used, batteries discharge even when not used, which is called self-discharge. Power…
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Misunderstanding over lithium battery

A lithium battery is not a lithium-ion battery.
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No-bark collar, a handy tool or a means of torture

A dog's barking is an annoying thing for people living in a neighborhood.
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