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Another CR2450 line to be launched in this season

One more CR2450 product line is about to be launched in this season of 2019.In response to needs from the electronic shelf label markets, WinPow puts on table the plan for leveling up the output of CR2450.Currently, we have four product lines for lith…
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WinPow Signs Annual Framework Contract with Top 6LR61 Supplier

This May, WinPow met with a top 6LR61 supplier around the cooperation on battery research and brand building. In the next year, we would be able to provide 6LR61 batteries with better quality but at a lower price.This annual contract covers supply of …
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Moscow Russia, first step of WinPow towards global exhibitions

Exhibition in Russia of WinPow
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Last call for joining us at Asia-World Expo

11 April, WinPow team will exhibit their latest battery products at Booth 11S11, Asia-World Expo.Join us for best offers available with more than hundreds of our hit products.
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Three lithium cell lines to be deployed in Hunan factory

As per the annual plan of year 2019, WinPow Electronic will deploy another three CR2032 series lines this May in Hunan factory. Till then, daily output of CR2032 series will total 300,000 pieces.
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