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WinPow Running As Usual Despite Virus

WinPow factories have already reopened since 19 Feb, with a permit from the government. Our sales team, workshops, service team are all in position to provide attentive service for you. Despite virus control in China, the whole supply chain is still…
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Factory Closes for Chinese New Year 2020

From 18th to 30th January, all factories of WinPow will close to celebrate Chinese New Year of 2020.However, during that period, our sales department and technical support will be always ready at your service.All the best to you and your family in the…
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New Logo Registered for Lithium Coin Batteries

November 2019, WinPow registered the SUPCell logo for its 3V lithium coin batteries.Later, WINPA and SUPCell will serve as a positive addition to WinPow's brand awareness, and together with WINPOWA brand, help present a diversified levels of battery p…
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Three Product Lines Deployed in Shaoyang Factory

This November, three product lines for CR2032 series have been successfully commissioned and put into operation.When running at full capacity, the whole factory can achieve a daily output of 800000 pieces of CR batteries.
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New Machine Deployed for CR2032 Quality Assurance

This October, a set of inspection machinery is deployed for testing the performance of CR2032 battery series. It supports dual feed of battery cells and thus helps accelerate the entire quality control process by 30 percent.
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