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12V 23A alkaline battery -leakage testing for our customer

Winpow focus on battery production over 13 years.We have good performance of leakage resistance of 12V 23A/27A alkaline battery.We make High temperature and humidity test for every order for each customerLeakage resistance test with battery at high te…
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High quality LR6,LR03 alkaline battery ship to Russia market

We ship two containers of AA LR6,AAA LR03 alkaline battery to Russia market today.Customer placed the order on end of Feb 2020,and arranged V-TURST to inpect the goods on 8th April,after three days we got information from customer that the inpestion r…
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Winpow-fight for the Coronavirus with customers from all over the world

Winpow CR2032 series lithium button cell production capacity exceeded 20 million pieces per month in March 2020.We thank customers from all over the world for their support. In early 2020, 2019-nCoV invaded China, causing a negative impact on China's …
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Monthly Yield of CR Series Batteries Hit 20M

WinPow——Shaoyang Winpow Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was built in 2017. Till March 2020, we have deployed 7 lines for CR buttonbatteries, and the monthly production has reached 2,000,000 pieces. After relocated in Xinning ShaoyangCity, Hunan Pro…
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WinPow Running As Usual Despite Virus

WinPow factories have already reopened since 19 Feb, with a permit from the government. Our sales team, workshops, service team are all in position to provide attentive service for you. Despite virus control in China, the whole supply chain is still…
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