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Shelf life of battery

[1/30/2015 9:58:25 AM]


                                          Shelf life of different dry battery
     The battery shelf life is promised to buyers, refers to the customer receiving began, the sales side can provide warranty. 

     The battery storage life refers to the battery storage time under specified conditions of storage period, in the end, the 

battery still has power to put the provisions of. This is a technical index, and the battery category (i.e. the electrochemical 

system) has the very big relations. Different chemical system of the battery, the storage life is different.

      The battery shelf life is one year from our company, That is, since the customer receive the goods as the start date.But for 

the used batteries, processing products or the second grade products are not in the warranty scope.

      Storage life of the battery, different chemical systems have the difference expression. Alkaline manganese button battery and 

battery pack is generally two years, such as LR44, LR41, 23A, 27A etc; alkaline manganese dioxide cylindrical / square cell 

identification five years,such as LR6/LR03/6LR61; zinc manganese square battery 6F22 for three years, lithium manganese 

batteries for three years. The rechargeable batteries,generally for two years.

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