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Effect of temperature on 23A27A battery discharge

[1/22/2015 6:33:36 PM]


        23A/27A series battery belongs to alkaline manganese battery chemistry system. The positive electrode active material 

for electrolytic manganese dioxide, a negative electrode active material for zinc, the electrolyte is an aqueous solution of 

potassium hydroxide. Because the electrolyte water solution, thus determine itsdischarge performance varies with temperature. 

The following diagram: 27A battery discharge curve at different temperatures:

         when the temperature is low, the conductivity of electrolyte aqueous solution is low ,Due to the freezing point of water is, 

similarly, electrolyte aqueous solution has the freezing point, when the temperature is close to the freezing point, the internal 

molecular activities more difficult, so the discharge worse. In a certain range, the higher the temperature is, the better the 

discharge time and platform. Certainly not the temperature can be nfinitely high, is the same as the electrolyte aqueous solution 

has a vapor pressure, the temperature is too high, will increase the internal pressure of the battery. From the above, can be seen, 

the use of temperature 23A/27A eries battery is reasonable in 10-45 C

That's why the guests in the winter test battery, battery load voltage and discharge time is not up to standard. 

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