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Important safety tips

[1/22/2015 6:32:07 PM]


Batteries are a very common power source in our life. Following these simple steps will help you with the use of

battery products.

1. Connect the "+" and "-" terminals as indicated on the battery.

2. Do not mix different types or brands batteries in use. 

3. Do not place batteries next to metallic objects e.g keys, coins and the like.

4. When battery power is low, change all the batteries at one time.

5. Remove the battery if not used in a long time.

6. Do not try to charge a dry battery.

7. Never dispose of batteries in fire.

8. If the electrolyte splashes on your skin, immediately rinse with fresh water and see a doctor.

9. Keep batteries out of the reach of infants. A battery is dangerous when swallowed. In that case, take the child to hospital immediately.

10. Do not disassemble the battery.

11. Do not short-circuit a battery.

12. Do not subject the battery to high temperatures or high humidity.

13. Store in dry places but without direct sunlight.

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